she thirteen on her next birthday


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  • Câu hỏi:

    She _______ thirteen on her next birthday.

    • A. will be
    • B. is
    • C. was
    • D. has been

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    Đáp án đúng: A

    "her next birthday": tín hiệu thì sau này đơn

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Môn học: Tiếng Anh

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  • daughter, sauce, aunt, laundry
  • usually, composer, leisure, version
  • celebration, collection, education, question
  • relax, snack, area, atlas
  • rehearse, hour, household, horrible
  • Turn the TV off. The show is…………………
  • What are you doing with all that ingredients, Giang?- I am trying my best to…………..a kind of traditional food.
  • She got ………..nice photos of our classmates
  • Mozart was one of the famous……………….of classical music.
  • His daughter wants vĩ đại become a well-known……….but she has no talent at all.
  • I haven’t got…….bread left for lunch
  • - I don’t lượt thích the newest tuy nhiên of Son Tung- I don’t lượt thích it, …………..
  • - I lượt thích eating omelette ví much.- I do………….
  • Don’t read in bed ______ you want vĩ đại harm your eyes.
  • She loves ______ flowers and putting them into different vases.
  • If you want vĩ đại live long, you ______ eat more vegetable and fruit.
  • These people live in the mountains, _________ they have a lot of fresh air.
  • There are _______ bottles of milk in the fridge.
  • She _______ thirteen on her next birthday.
  • It is _____ vĩ đại eat ví much junk food.
  • All of us enjoy _______ vĩ đại classical music
  • She worked very hard, _______she passed all her exams
  • Hoa looks red. She was outdoors yesterday. Perhaps she has
  • I ............... playing board games interesting because I can play them with my friends
  • She lives................ her aunt and uncle
  • Who are the best drivers? Which drivers are the safest on the road? According vĩ đại a recent survey young and inexperienced drivers are the most likely t
  • Young men often choose ____________________________.
  • Who have an effect on the driver?
  • When young male drivers have their wife of girlfriend in the xế hộp, their driving becomes ________________.
  • The worst accidents are often taken by ___________________.




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