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Unit 2: Health (phần 1)

bài xích tập môn giờ Anh lớp 7


I. Put the word into the correct column according to the underlined part.

II. Say the sentences, và then underline the sounds /f/ and /v/.

1. The vase in Fred’s living room is very big.2. The flower vase is over there, near the front door.

3. It is never very windy in November.

4. How far has Faraday travelled in order khổng lồ play volleyball?


I. Complete the words for the health problems.

1. St _ _ _ _ _ ache

2. E _ _ ache

3. S_ _ _th _ _ _ _

4. C _ _ _

5. T _ _ _ _ che

II. Fill in each blank the correct health problem from the box according lớn the description.

earache flu toothache backache

headache sore throat cough stomachache

1. ___________: a pain caused by something being wrong with one of your teeth.

2. ___________: a pain in your back.

3. ___________ : a very severe pain that you feel in your head.

4. ___________: pain in your stomach.

5. ___________: a pain in the inside part of your ear.

6. ___________: a problem which is lượt thích a very bad cold, but which causes atemperature.

7. ___________: a pain in your throat.

8. ___________: a health problem that you make a lot of loud sounds.

III. Complete the conversation with the words from the box.

hurt got of shouldn’t

take this a lot to

David: I’ve got a new computer. It cost me (1) .

Henry: Wow, it’s great! I’ve always wanted (2) have a screen likethis. Let’s play some games.

Five hours later

David: Shall we have another game?

Henry: I hate lớn say (3) , but I think I should stop. I’ve(4) a really bad headache.

David: Oh, dear. Do you want lớn (5) a painkiller?

Henry: No, it’s OK.

David: OK. Shall we watch a DVD?

Henry: No! I’d lượt thích to, but I know I (6) look at any more screens. Myeyes (7) I’m going home.

David: OK. See you tomorrow. I’m going khổng lồ play another game. With a bit (8) luck, I’ll beat my high score.

Henry: If you play now, you’ll get a really bad headache too! Bye!

IV. Look at the advice for a healthy lifestyle, và complete the sentences using more or less.

1. Eat___________ sweet food.

2. Get  ___________exercise.

3. Drink ___________ coffee.

4. Eat ___________   fast food.

5. Eat___________  fruit and vegetables.

6. Drink___________  water.

7. Smoke  ___________and give it up.

8. Relax ___________ .

9. Worry___________ about things

10. Spend ___________ time on computer games.

V. Fill in each blank with the correct conjunction.

1. Get up early___________ vì more exercise.

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2. Eat less junk food ___________eat more fruit and vegetables.

3. The weather is very cold today___________ I should put on a coat.

4. Watch less television ____________ you can protect your eyes.

5. If you spend less time on computer games___________ television programmes,you will have more time for outdoor activities.

6. I have a lot of homework to vì chưng this evening___________ I don’t have time to watch the football match.

7. Take up a new hobby___________  you’ll have some new friends.

8. He has toothache ___________he still eats a lot of sweets & cakes.


I. Read the conversations, và complete the sentences from them.

Mum: Get up, Tom. Time for school.

Tom: I can’t: I have a terrible headache. I worked on my geography lessons untilmidnight. My head hurts.

Mum: Will I get you a cup of tea và an aspirin?

Tom: Can I have two, please? It’s the worst headache in the world.

Mum: All right. Let me go and wake Jane first.

Mum: Jane! It’s time khổng lồ get up!

Jane: I can’t. I have a sore throat and my stomach hurts.

Mum: OK, Tom, here’s your tea. Jane’s ill, too.

Tom: Really? But she has a Maths kiểm tra today.

Mum: How interesting! She didn’t study very much for it yesterday. Do you have atest today, too?

Tom: Yes, but it’s only a history test.

Mum: This is the oldest trick in the book, Tom. Get out of bed now!

What Tom says:

1. My head__________________________

2. I worked on_______________________________

3. It’s the worst headache___________________

What Jane says:

4. I have a sore throat and_____________________________

What Mum says:

5. Will I get you a cup ________________________ ?

6. Jane! It’s time khổng lồ ________________________________

7. Get out ______________________ !

II. Complete the short conversation with the word, in the box. Then practise them with a partner.

hurt broken toothache head

1. A: Does your hurt?

B: Yes, I ran into a tree.

2. A: What’s the matter?

B: I my toe in the game yesterday.

3. A: Why are you walking like that?

B: I my ankle when I was jogging.

4. A: Where are you going?

B: To the dentist’s. I have .

III. Write the conversations for each situation lớn give advice, using the phrases given. Then practise them with your partners.


I. Complete the conversation with the phrases in the box. Then answer the questions below.

It will cost you With a bit of luck

I hate to lớn say this I can’t wait

(The friends are going khổng lồ the Buckingham Palace.)

David: This is great. (1) to lớn see inside Buckingham Palace.

Peter: Yeah, maybe the Queen will be our tour guide!

Linda: I think we should join the queue. The last tour starts in ten minutes.

David: What’s the matter, Susan? Are you OK?

Susan: No, I don’t feel very well. I have a headache and I feel really hot. Maybe Ishouldn’t come on the tour.

David: Hey, everyone. Susan doesn’t feel very well. (2) but I think we should go trang chủ with her.

Peter: But how about these tickets? (3) . We can’t go home!

David: Yes, we can. (4) we can get our money back.

Answer the questions.

1. What does David want lớn see?


2. Are the friends in the queue yet?


3. Who feels ill?


4. What does David want them to lớn do?


5. Were the tickets expensive? Why can they go home?


II. Read the passage, và then answer the questions.

Everyone suffers from the common cold at some time or other. It isn’t a serious illness,but people spend a lot of money on medicine. The medicine can only relieve the symptoms. That is, it can make you cough less, make you feel better, và stop your nose running for a while. So far, there is no cure for the common cold và no medicine lớn prevent it. People also drink a lot of hot water with sugar, lemon juice. It helps provide them with a lot of vitamin C.

1. Why is the common cold very popular?


2. Is the common cold a serious illness?


3. What does the medicine help people with the common cold?


4. Besides medicine, what vì people vì chưng to make them feel better?


5. Why is it useful?



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